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Pak Flat Tank [PFT] - the Australian designed, award-winning, extremely versatile re-usable liquid storage unit, that comes as a flat-pack and which can be assembled in minutes. Two sizes are available: PFT 1000 (1,000 litre capacity) and PFT 500 (500 litre capacity). They are both of the same construction, with sturdy polypropylene outer casings and secure polyethylene replaceable bladders. Both come in a choice of colours – marine blue, heritage green, slate grey and cream. PFT can be easily warehoused/stockpiled until needed, then transported anywhere they are required, at home or abroad, by whatever available mode of transport. Once on site they can be assembled in less than ten minutes, by only one or two people, into rigid, safe, sealed storage tanks that are guaranteed for 10 years. Brilliant!

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