Our Product

Pak Flat Tank [PFT] is an Australian designed, award-winning, extremely versatile liquid storage unit, that comes as a flat-pack and can be assembled in minutes

Two sizes are available:

PFT 1000       – 1,000 litre capacity

PFT 500          – 500 litre capacity

PFT 1000
PFT 500

They are both of the same construction, with sturdy polypropylene casings and secure polyethylene replaceable bladders. 

Liquids in both size containers are safely stored within the inner BPA-free bladders, and have no contact with the outer walls of the tanks.

Both come in a choice of colours – marine blue, heritage green, slate grey and cream.

PFT 1000 is designed primarily to store water, whilst PFT 500 is ideal for storing other non-corrosive non-inflammable liquids.

Both size units are linkable, thereby creating multiple thousands of litre storage capacity in one location, but only the PFT 500 is designed for safe stacking.

linked PFT 1000 used in the storage of water
stacked PFT 500 used for the storage of liquids for industrial and commercial purposes

Water storage options

PFT 1000 is intended to be used to store water obtained off-grid, that is, from sources other than tap-delivered mains water:

  • rainwater harvesting, mainly from roofs
  • surface water sources such as rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, etc
  • groundwater sources such as wells, bores, aquifers
  • water transported to site by trucks, tankers, water-carriers

Raw water from these sources can be stored untreated, pre-treated or treated in one way or another on-site, prior to entering the tank.  Once inside the tank’s sealed internal bladder, however, the water is free from further contamination, evaporation and mosquitoes.

Water stored in PFT 1000 can be for a variety of purposes:

Industrial and commercial solutions

The intended use of PFT 500 could be seen as the reverse process to that of water storage.  Here the idea is that the tank is delivered to the user already pre-filled, with whatever liquid the user prescribes, and then returned to the supplier when empty, for cleaning and sterilisation before further use.

Our Focus

GreenCo Water focusses its attention particularly upon:

PFT 1000

  • Rainwater harvesting for domestic garden watering (DIY projects).
  • Delivery of emergency water storage capacity to assist in the rapid response to natural and humanitarian disasters.
  • Combining with other suitable technologies to provide complete stand-alone safe and secure off-grid facilities for the supply and storage of water for human consumption, sanitation and personal hygiene (WASH)

PFT 500

  • Provision of returnable containers for industrial and commercial use liquids

Our Team

Peter Wood


Forging a diverse career in the water and power industries, Peter established an engineering firm in Australia following the breakup of the SECV in the early 90’s. In 2002, GHD acquired Peter’s business. GHD, one of the leading engineering and environmental companies in the world today is ranked in the top 10 water engineering firms globally.  Peter was General Manager of GHD China and South East Asia operations, based in Beijing for 4 years. During this period, the company grew to more than 600 consulting engineers throughout Asia. As Director of GHD from 2002 to 2011 and Deputy Chairman from 2008 to 2011, Peter brings to GreenCo Water broad management experience and expertise around domestic and international business, water market expertise and mergers and acquisition experience.

Simon McMahon


Simon has multi-industry experience building and leading public and private companies in various start-ups, turnaround and IPOs in stable and high growth situations. He has in-depth experience across all corporate finance, accounting, treasury and MIS functions. Previous roles held by Simon include, Group Treasury Manager for Coles Myer Group, the original CEO of Stockwell Holdings, Founding Partner of Avantcé LLC in Naples, Florida and more recently Executive Director of the Meydan Group.

Nigel Blair


Nigel has over 20 years business experience both domestically and internationally in the US, Europe and Asia markets. With extensive experience in IP, cross-border transactions (including plastics and plastic manufacturing), due diligence and acquisitions, his industry experience spans property, insurance, risk management, tourism, agriculture, water and pharmaceutical sectors. Nigel’s skills include risk management, corporate finance, business building and implementation, managing buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, structured finance transactions (debt and equity) and a strong entrepreneurial background with solid experience in the water sector.

Rob Gell AM


Rob is an environmental geographer and has 20 years of experience as an environmental and communications consultant. He is a Director of World Wind Pty Ltd, the International College of Environmental Sustainability, and mobile media communications company, bhive Group.  He is respected for his knowledge and understanding of the complexity of a range of issues from water management to biodiversity to energy management and green design, and his key areas of expertise are in media and communications, providing strategic advice and developing effective environmental management systems for business. On Australia Day in 2014, Rob was made a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for significant service to conservation, the protection of coastal and marine environments and to the community.

Dr. Leo Maglen


Leo is an economist with thirty years’ experience in international development assistance. As a freelance consultant Leo worked on over forty development projects ranging across sixteen countries, mostly in the Asia–Pacific region. The funding agencies with which he has worked include the World Bank, ADB, Australia’s DFAT, UK’s DfID, the EU, and the US Millennium Challenge Corporation. Whilst working as a costing and feasibility analyst on projects primarily in the education and training sector, he has appreciated the vital role access to clean fresh water plays in childhood development. He has also seen, at first hand, how well-meaning programs have failed through the use of inappropriate technologies, and insufficient attention being given to sustainability of initial investments.

Damian Johnson


Damian is a very experienced General Manager, specializing in growing and developing manufacturing businesses. Degree qualified, internationally educated, DJ enjoys working in hands–on leadership roles, utilising a diverse market management and business development background. He has extensive sales and marketing experience in Packaging, Plastics and Chemicals segments, coupled with M&A and integration successes locally and internationally. Highly experienced in operations management, having operated from 1 to 14 facilities throughout Australasia, India, SEA and China whilst developing products and marketing systems tailored for each market. 

Our Mission

“To be a socially responsible organisation and be innovative for the development of smart storage solutions that have global impact” 

We’re proud of our humanitarian efforts working in concert with aid organisations. To date, we’ve assisted on various projects in Vanuatu, Philippines, Thailand, Yemen, Fiji and Papua New Guinea and are the only listed liquid storage device on DFAT (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade) Australia’s emergency response list.  Our role in this area has now impacted on thousands of lives, and as we grow, it will impact on thousands more.

Currently the only 1,000 litre flat-pack storage tank available nationally in store, the PFT 1000 makes portable storage fast and easy. Available now as a special order nationwide.

Through our development program we have created PFT 500, the innovative 500 litre transportable model, which will enable industrial and commercial organisations an alternate, cost effective solution to their liquid storage and transportation requirements.

Reducing Our Environmental Impact

Every part of the Pak Flat Tank is 100% recyclable and comes with a 10-year guarantee. The business focus is on reducing the impact on our environment and minimising waste.

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Acting With Social Responsibility

Integrity, honesty and reliability – that’s how we define ourselves. The Pak Flat Tank is sustainable in design and application, and an affordable solution to service those requiring fast and easy storage.