Despite the huge strides made around the world in recent decades to connect regions, districts, communities and homes to reticulated water supply and sewerage systems, according to the UN there are still billions of people who have to live their daily lives without access to these fundamental amenities. For these people, the risks to their health of having to rely on raw untreated water supplies, and ones where there is cross-contamination between water sourced for drinking, food preparation and personal hygiene purposes, and those into which sewage is drained, are huge and ever-present.

  • Those in outlying areas, outside the reach of the expanding reticulated systems, who are still waiting to be connected to the grid.
  • Those who move into unofficial, unregulated and un-serviced shanty towns on the fringes of major cities.
  • Residents of areas where natural and man-made disasters have severely dislocated existing water supply and sewerage grids, rendering them unsafe and unreliable, and requiring extensive and long-term repairs.
  • Refugees and displaced persons forced to live long-term in ‘temporary’ camps and settlements, that authorities are reluctant to convert into permanent communities.
  • Inhabitants of remote and difficult to access mountainous regions or far-flung islands, who live in small scattered communities that either are technically too difficult to connect to water and/or sewerage grids, or where it would be uneconomic to do so.

Goal 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all

The UN recognises the problem and the challenge, and has designated 2018-2028 as the Water Action Decade

WASH is the acronym used to denote ‘water, sanitation and hygiene’ programs and projects in this area of public health and international development.

GreenCo WASH Systems (GWS) is our contribution to meeting this goal

Our aim is the delivery of:

* scalable

* fully integrated

* stand-alone


As the lead company in GWS, GreenCo Water P/L has pooled its resources with two other producers and suppliers of high-quality products in the water industry – Enviro-Pure (Asia) a Netherlands Non-Profit based in Thailand, and Envorinex P/L a company based in Tasmania.

GWS focusses on the supply and storage of safe drinking water, and on personal hygiene and sanitation facilities.  Its stand-alone, fully-integrated off-grid WASH systems are affordable, environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

They are designed to meet the particular requirements of communities and institutions that do not have access to reticulated water supply and sewerage systems:

  • remote and difficult to access villages, schools, training centres and dormitories, community centres, health and medical clinics, police and military compounds, enviro-tourism facilities, trekking base camps, off-grid glamping sites, etc;
  • refugee camps, displaced person settlements;
  • communities deprived of the usual amenities as a result of natural disasters and civil unrest.
scale model of a GWS Tasman WASH~House and Toilet Block, suitable for 50 – 75 people

Our partners

Enviro-Pure [Asia]:

a Netherlands non-profit based in Thailand, supplying compact smart UF units that use ultrafiltration technology to filter and purify harvested rainwater, and water collected from surface and groundwater sources. Enviro-Pure’s smartUF units are automatically backwashed, and their membrane cartridges screen out all suspended solids and pathogenic micro-organisms, to meet and exceed WHO potable standards. 

Envorinex P/L:

an Australian company specialising in the innovative application of polymer products.  Its Bioremediation Infield Personnel Units [BIPU] are mini septic tank chambers that are also flat-packed.  Each chamber pack weighs less than 15 kgs [33 lbs], and can be easily assembled and installed manually.  BIPU chambers can be linked to flushing toilets, and will successfully treat all human effluent. The residual grey water can be used for irrigation purposes.

How we work together in our WASH system

Partners and their products

GWS facility packages