GWS customizes its WASH systems to meet even the most demanding of client requirements. It combines products that are:

  • portable, lightweight and compact – ideal to warehouse and bulk transport, yet easy to deliver to almost any site, no matter what the location;
  • versatile and adaptable – ideal for rapid response, can be installed almost anywhere, and cope with all types of non-saline water sources;
  • scalable – can be tailored to everything from small dwellings to sizeable institutions and communities;
  • reliable – require very low maintenance, and come with 10-year equipment guarantees;
  • environmentally sustainable – no chemicals used, little need for electricity;
  • labour-saving – especially for women and children;
  • encourages local procurement – where possible, sources national and community suppliers;
  • promotes up-skilling and job-creation opportunities for local communities;
  • value for money – little or no operating costs, returns on initial outlays high; and
  • demountable and recyclable, when no longer needed on site.

WASH packages

GWS has developed a range of WASH packages that clients can choose from, each of which can be customised to meet their individual requirements:

Tasman W series – fully integrated WASH~houses and toilet blocks;

Tasman K series – water kiosks; and

Tasman T series – stand-alone toilet blocks.

All packages can be customised to integrate with a variety of different temporary housing, shelter and other building systems

Tasman W series WASH~House and Toilet Blocks

Fully integrated WASH facilities, each of which can be customised to individual client requirements. 

The following are examples:

TASMAN PACKAGE W1: small WASH facility, with single pour-flush toilet – suitable for up to 15 people.

TASMAN PACKAGE W2: larger WASH facility, suitable for a communal dwelling or small institution, with hand washing facilities and gender-segregated pour-flush toilets – suitable for 20-30 people

TASMAN PACKAGE W3: WASH facility suitable for a larger institution or community, with separate personal hygiene area, and gender-segregated pour-flush toilets – suitable for 50-75 people

(Package W3 is the configuration and layout shown in the scale model)

Tasman K series Water Kiosks

Potable water distribution outlets.

Village residents or community members, who have no other access to potable water, can use our water kiosks to obtain/replenish household supplies, using their own or kiosk-provided containers.

The kiosks can be either community-run or operated commercially, and can be customised to meet individual client requirements.

The following are examples:

TASMAN PACKAGE K1: local water factory (kiosk) with 5,000 – 7,000 litre/day capacity

TASMAN PACKAGE K2: central water factory (kiosk) with 10,000 – 15,000 litre/day capacity

TASMAN PACKAGE K3: decentralised water kiosks, supplied with pre-filtered water from central plant.  Segregated pour-flush toilets and hand washing facilities are optional inclusions. 

Tasman T series Toilet Blocks

Stand-alone toilet facilities

They can be configured to serve private households, communal/shared housing complexes and institutions, such as schools and medical clinics, or as public toilets for whole communities, depending upon individual client requirements.

The water supplied to Tasman toilet blocks for use in toilet flushing and wash basins is generally pre-filtered and chlorinated, but is NOT suitable for drinking.

The following are examples:

TASMAN PACKAGE T1: single household outside toilet, with one pour-flush toilet and a urinal, plus handwashing facilities, (up to 10 people)

TASMAN PACKAGE T2: toilet block with segregated toilet and hand washing facilities for males and females, suitable for institutions such as schools, clinics, etc (up to 75 people

TASMAN PACKAGE T3: public toilet block for larger communities

(Package T2 layout and configuration is the same as the toilet block component of the scale model)

Selected WASH facility layouts

Scale model WASH facility