Enviro-Pure Foundation, now trading as Enviro-Pure (Asia), has thirty years’ experience in delivering water purification equipment across the globe – in Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Congo, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Thailand, Vanuatu, Zimbabwe, etc 

Ultrafiltration is ‘state of the art’ in water purification, and Enviro-Pure’s smart UF units incorporate that technology:

  • bacteria are typically larger than 0.5 ųm(microns)
  • viruses are larger than 0.05 ųm
  • pores of ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are between 0.01-0.03 ųm
  • no living or dead micro-organisms will be able to pass this “sieve”, nor will small particles such as colloids

smart UF units

  • smartUF units require only about the same amount of electricity as a mobile phone charger, supplied from a solar panel.
  • smartUF units deliver WHO standard potable water.  Depending upon the turbidity of the source water, the smartUF 4014 unit delivers between 300 and 600 litres per hour, and the smartUF 5024 unit between 750 and 1,300 litres per hour.  Flow rates are improved with the on-line addition of MultiCyclone centrifugal pre-filtration devices.
  •  all smartUF units automatically backwash – for 2 minutes every hour, using between 8 to 15 litres.

If considered necessary, smartUF units can be combined with filters that also remove arsenic, fluoride and iron.

Envorinex is a company based in Tasmania. Its Bioremediation Infield Personnel Units (BIPU) septic systems were deployed in Banda-Aceh in Indonesia after the tsunami of 2004.  Since then some 50,000 units have been installed across South-East Asia and the Pacific, including with the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces, and with UN personnel, in East Timor. 

Bioremediation Infield Personnel Units [BIPU]

  • BIPU chambers are made from recycled plastic, and simply ‘click’ together.
  •  Chambers A and B are 205 litre primary treatment chambers, taking waste solids and liquids from either pour or cistern flush water-seal seat or squat toilets.
  •  Chambers C are 205 litre liquid retention tanks, linked to chambers A and B, as per Australia/New Zealand standards. The primary treated water from these chambers is drained into an absorption trench, along with waste water from food preparation and personal hygiene zones.

Other products sourced by GWS

GWS supplies all plumbing and other fittings between its principal component products, but also sources, or recommends the acquisition of, quality supplies of the following products in putting together its customised systems:

  • Shallow well jet pumps
  • Centrifugal pre-filtration units
  • Connectable kit-form tank stand and tank tower modules
  • Solar panels – foldable
  • Auxiliary petrol/diesel generators
  • Chlorine dispensers
  • LED lighting
  • Stainless steel basins, troughs, squat and toilet pans, urinals
  • Plastic water butts and pails
  • Sundry PVC plumbing supplies – piping, taps, etc
  • Arsenic filter cartridges
  • Watercart pillow tanks

All products and systems can be customised to integrate with indigenous structures, using locally sourced materials and labour, as well as with other standard, temporary and pre-packaged housing and shelter construction models.