Clean Fresh Water Is Everything

Every day, millions of people across the globe face the threat of illness, disease and death, through a lack of clean fresh water.


Their special design features make them an invaluable additional resource in meeting this global challenge:

  • Emergency Relief – Pak Flat Tanks can be in place in the immediate aftermath of natural disasters such as cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, no matter where they strike.
  • Humanitarian Aid – Pak Flat Tanks can be quickly set up to provide clean safe water storage facilities for people living in refugee camps, migrant centres, squatter settlements, etc.
  • Development Project Assistance – Pak Flat Tanks can be delivered and assembled, in whatever configurations thought appropriate, to provide clean safe water storage facilities for schools, health and other community centres, defence and law enforcement agencies, in even the most remote and difficult-to-access locations.

GreenCo Water Pak Flat Tank’s Special Characteristics: 

  • As the name suggests, each tank comes as a flat-pack, weighing only 23 kgs nett (26 kgs in the box), and so can easily be transported and assembled on-site.
  • Assembly is quick – with little initial instruction, and needing only a screwdriver, it takes around ten minutes. No special site preparation is necessary.
  • Each tank can hold 1,000 litres of water.
  • They are strongly built – each tank consists of a high density polypropylene outer casing and a BPA-free sealed liner.
  • The sealed BPA-free liners mean water is safely stored, and the tanks are mosquito-proof. With appropriate filters, water from the tanks is potable, safe for drinking and food preparation purposes.
  • Using standard PVC fittings tanks can be linked to a variety of water sources – to rainwater catchments such as roof gutters, to nearby ground and surface water sources, and to water truck and tanker deliveries, should no reliable local water sources be available.
  • Tanks can be deployed as stand-alone water storages, but also linked together using standard PVC fittings, thus multiplying the amount of water stored in any one location. As many as fourteen tanks, storing up to 14,000 litres, can be brought together in this way.
  • Tanks of different colour casings can be used to distinguish water stored for separate purposes. Tanks could be designated for drinking and food preparation, whilst others may be identified for general personal hygiene and sanitation purposes. The latter, for example, can be plumbed into toilets and laundries, using standard or customised fittings.
  • Tanks are easily maintained – casings are extremely robust, and liners and fittings can be readily replaced if needed. Each GreenCo Water Pak Flat Tank™ comes with a ten-year guarantee.
  • As flat packs, the tanks have huge logistical advantages – with considerable economising on space and ease of transportation:
    • 12-14 tanks to a pallet,
    • 400 tanks per 40ft shipping container,
    • 1,200 tanks loadable onto a C-17 cargo plane,
    • tanks are easily warehoused and stockpiled, in Australia, in key locations abroad, and in destination countries.

  • Arriving in destination countries, the flat packs can be readily down-loaded into consignments for distribution on trucks and smaller cargo vessels, then divided still further into batches suitable for local land transport vehicles, (carts, tuk-tuks, jeepneys, motor scooters, etc), inter-island, coastal and river barges and boats, or whatever. The tanks can thus be delivered to any remote or inaccessible location.
  • In emergency situations GreenCo Water Pak Flat Tanks can be air-lifted to wherever they are needed, by small aircraft or helicopter, or even dropped in by parachute.
  • If and when tanks are no longer required in a particular location, or are needed elsewhere, they can be easily disassembled, removed, repacked, relocated and re-used.


Given these outstanding qualities, it is little wonder the Pak Flat Tank was judged:

2016 winner of the prestigious AIDEX Aid Innovation Challenge.

2017 Humanitarian Supplies Challenge Prize Winners

Media Release from The Hon Julie Bishop MP

Humanitarian Supplies Challenge Winners Factsheet


Clean Fresh Water is Everything

Pak Flat Tank Technical Specifications

 Project Activities

  • Already the tanks have been taken up by a number of humanitarian and development agencies for trialling and evaluation: DFAT, USAid, IOM, Oxfam, Rotary International, Red Cross, RedR Australia.
  • Pak Flat Tanks have been trialled in Fiji, Vanuatu, P.N.G, Solomon Islands, Timor Leste, Philippines, Thailand and Yemen.

Case Studies

Future Directions


  • As its field experience grows, Greenco Water continues to undertake development and innovation to further enhance the effectiveness of its Pak Flat Tanks™ in delivering low cost solutions to safe water supply in emergency, humanitarian and developing country situations.
  • Our company believes that what is required in the extreme and testing environments typically confronting the humanitarian and emergency relief agencies, and those working in the development assistance sector, are cost effective solutions, not just to safely storing water, at which the Pak Flat Tanks are proving so successful, but to providing integrated collection, harvesting, storage and usage systems for potable water.

Our Response Has Been to Develop a Range of Options:

  • Each relies on ensuring the water going into our tanks is first filtered and purified, and that once in the tanks, continues to meet WHO standards for drinking water.
  • Each has the added advantages of consolidating the transport, construction and installation of our tanks and their facilities; of maximising the effective use of available water sources; and of offering economies of scale and greater flexibility in clean fresh water usage.


Options Include:

  • The Greenco Watershed, as a means of delivering clean fresh water to development projects in remote and inaccessible locations
  • The Greenco Waterstation, as a means of consolidating potable water storage in emergency relief and humanitarian assistance situations
  • Joint collaborative programs with leading providers of water pumps and filtration and purification systems, with a view to adding value to each partner’s operations, especially in the development of scalable water kiosks.


 For Further Information on Greenco Water Global Water Solutions – Please Contact:

Dr Leo Maglen

International Development Director