Manufacturers and Distributors are constantly searching for better ways of getting their product onto the market both nationally and internationally. Their products need a container that not only delivers safely and efficiently, but one that when empty is returned cost effectively.

Up until now, the only means of ensuring the empty container is returned becomes costly with the manufacturer having to buy or lease containers with a very high loss rate within the supply chain.

The loss rate of getting empty containers back to the manufacturer is very high.

Returning empty drums, isotaimers or semi bulk containers has proven to be very expensive because you are shipping air after incurring the cost to clean the containers.

The Pak Flat Tank is approximately four times lower cost to store and transport than traditional IBCs and 2.5 times lower costs to store and transport than 44 gallon drums.  Additionally, traditional storage vessels cost up to $100 to safely recycle compared to a negligible cost for the Pak Flat Tank.

 That problem is solved with the new award winning Pak Flat Tank 500 litre Industrial container.

The Benefits

You simply send out your product in a filled Pak Flat Tank and it is returned as a flat unit significantly reducing the cost of return freight:


500 Litre Pak Flat Tank IBC Reduced Cost
    No bulk return
    No mess
    Minimal empty storage space
    No cleaning cost
    No shipping of costly air
    Easily transported
    Environmentally friendly
    Easy to assemble and disassemble
    Highly cost effective
    Award winning design


Food and  Beverage Health and Beauty
Syrup suppliers Hair product suppliers
Viscous food producers Dry ingredient suppliers
Food colouring Toiletries suppliers
Fast food outlet suppliers Cosmetics
Airline food suppliers
Milk and Dairy suppliers Rural
Juice producers Irrigation
Poultry dry feed suppliers
Chemical Medical
Cleaning product suppliers Hospitals
Detergent suppliers Laundries
Airline cleaning
Car wash suppliers
 Ink, colourant, chemicals


The Pak Flat Tank 500 litre container is a drop test compliant, fork lift friendly container that is designed for easy fill and emptying liquids or flowable solids and has passed testing to UN  Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.  19th Edition.  The multi-layer flexible liner can be re-used or simply replaced if required, saving you money in cleaning or disposal costs.

Recycling costs are virtually eliminated as the Pak Flat unit disassembles quickly and efficiently. No more having to arrange for cleaning of residues and arranging collection of worn out steel or plastic drums or rigid semi bulk containers.

When you want to reduce your packaging, transport and disposal costs within your supply chain the Pak Flat 500L Industrial Container is the solution.

To discuss your Industrial Packaging requirements and potential cost savings please contact:


P: +61 3 8657 5397